LS3 offers extensive experience, capability, and success to its customers to support e-Credentials based initiatives. We are superior in our capabilities based upon our disciplined management approach, high caliber and experienced cadre of resources, substantial experience gained from serving our current and past customers, and our ability to think outside the box and leverage industry best practice approaches for solutions. LS3 offers a unique E-Credentials services team, providing our customers with strategic and hands-on experience and skill to meet program needs. We are a fully qualified HSPD-12 certified integration and services organization with practical experience and success with implementation of even the most rigorous electronic credential frameworks available within industry today. The adoption of electronic credentials and the implementation of e-credential frameworks are becoming more common within industry and government. Implementation of these solutions helps reduce total cost of operations through leveraging centralized identity management approaches for common user and customer populations. Typically, e-credentials are a common electronic based token bound to an end entity (e.g., person) used to support the services of Identification, Authentication, and maybe even Authorization. With an established credential, a user has the ability to traverse web sites, applications, and services without having to re-log into those applications to revalidate their identity.

Organizations can use the common credential as a foundational element of a robust identity management approach that allows for the creation of an identity once and leveraging it everywhere, reducing help desk and administrative costs, reducing data redundancy, and more. E-Credentials also offer organizations a flexible and standards based approach to manage large user populations. Since these technologies enroll and credential once and leverage everywhere, they allow a more realistic option to achieve the much coveted Single Sign On vision most organizations desire. There are a number of approaches and technologies that enable e-credentials as a real and tangible solution for organizations, some of which include Identity and Access Management Products, Smart Card Products, Credential Service Provider solutions, Identity Federation solutions, and more.

LS3 specializes in e-credentials and identity based solutions. Our team provides your organization with the strategic thinking, operational planning, and tactical execution resources required to make e-credential based initiatives a success. Our e-credential based services address needs that include:
  • Roadmap Planning - building the necessary program vision and phased implementation approach that will lead to a successful implementation
  • Engineering Services - establishing the foundational building blocks, typically leveraging existing investments from your organization, to construct a working and valuable solution
  • Credential Management Teams - providing the professional and experienced resources needed to govern the planning, implementation, and deployment of e-credential based solutions
  • Strategic Vision and Direction - providing the experienced and well versed leadership required to realize e-credential focused solutions.