Identity & Access Management

IAM Strategic Planning

The best IAM solutions are those based on clear business objectives, careful planning, and wise technology selection. With strategic thinking, architectural vision, and deep technical know-how, LS3 Technologies assists your organization in developing IAM strategies that are the best fit to your business:
  • Current State Analysis - Analyze your current situation from people, process and technology perspectives. Identify Issues, deficiencies and potentials.
  • Future State Definition - Develop IAM blueprint by identifying stakeholders' vision and analyzing strategic business and technical requirements. Recommend process improvements and viable technologies.
  • Roadmap Development - Develop prioritized and agile implementation plan, including actionable work breakdowns, risk assessment, and business impacts for each phase.
  • Business Case Analysis - As a highly configurable option, it may include ROI analysis, OMB E-300, cost benefit analysis, or other documents that help you to build business case for IAM initiatives.