Public Key Infrastructure

PKI Technology Services

LS3 has been at the forefront of PKI technology since the early 1990s. We boast a successful record in PKI technology stemming back to the first ever High Assurance PKI in government, aligning and cross-certifying multiple Federal customers with the current Federal Bridge Certification Authority, supporting technology integration of PKI with HSPD-12 solutions across the Federal landscape. We sustain relationships with industry leading PKI providers, have direct experience in the development of Certification Authority products, and have fully qualified cryptographers on staff that allow our understanding to go way beyond mere certificate usage, but deep understanding of the cryptographic operations that comprise symmetric, asymmetric, and hash algorithms that make PKI possible.

One of the strongest value propositions of PKI in technology implementation is with its ability to establish strong, auditable, and well modeled electronic business processes (and workflows) that depart from paper based transactions. We specialize in evolving a legacy paper-based environment into a fully electronic process, utilizing Digital Signatures as strong auditable stamps of approval in accordance with Electronic Signature Laws (ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES IN GLOBAL AND NATIONAL COMMERCE ACT, June 2001).

Our experience is within both industry and government, leveraging both IETF and ANSI standards for the application of PKI services in the technology environment. LS3 is a fully qualified integrator, leveraging our deep understanding of application architecture to properly integrate the services of PKI for Identification, Authentication, Confidentiality, and Non-Repudiation. We can work with your e-business or e-government needs to design a solution that maximizes cost reductions through the use of Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) tools and products. Many times, organizations already have the tools they require to enable fully electronic and workflow enabled capabilities that leverage PKI certificates in their operational environment. We specialize in analyzing what you already have, and using that as part of a solution that offers real and measurable benefit. Some common applications of PKI based workflow services include:
  • Customer or Business Partner enrollment or subscription services that protect sensitive information; offer strong assurance in the identity of the customer or business partners, and properly safeguard the data exchanged from your organization;
  • Digital Rights Management based protection strategies that allow subscription to content for specified periods of time while subscriptions exist, and remove access to that information upon subscription expiration;
  • Mutually authenticated data exchange environments that allow for point to point information sharing with minimal risk of data compromise between relying parties;
  • Legally binding signature services that affix a binding seal on agreements between business partners or customers, eliminating the need for costly paper based processes, adopting a fully digital approach with strong, auditable, and non-repudiable electronic records.

Of course, we recognize that these examples are only a mere fraction of what is possible with PKI based digital signature or cryptographic protection services. LS3 has a unique ability to support virtually any concept for business value, offering our capability as solution designers, architecture, integrators, and technology subject matter experts. This, combined with our robust and highly skilled policy and practice services, sets us apart from competitors and makes LS3 the superior option to serve as your partners in these efforts.