Program Management Support

Project Management Plan (PMP), Work Breakdown Structure and Schedules (WBS&S)

Our Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) project management approach includes developing a Project Management Plan (PMP). The PMP, our principal planning document, identifies all required tasks, dependencies, organizational relationships, staff member responsibilities, required tools and a complete project schedule. Our PMP is a living document that is used as the primary mechanism for managing the project throughout the life of the contract. It is regularly updated to reflect current tasks and status. While developing our PMP, we will use MS Project to establish a Work Break Down Structure (WBS) and Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M). Our team can readily support other WBS tools as well that include TeamPlay, MS Project, and other Project Management tools.

Our WBS represents the functional program elements associated with performing the required work and serves as a consistent starting point for work planning. As a baseline, the WBS includes all program management, risk management, quality assurance and technical activities required for contract execution. The baseline WBS serves as the framework for any earned value management system (EVMS) and is used to measure the results of the work completed on an ongoing basis.

Based on the WBS, we develop a Project Objectives and Milestone (POA&M) that details the tasks and subtasks required to complete any work assigned. The POA&M will include start and end dates, assigned resources and man hour estimates. It is used by the Project Manager to review the assignments and analyze requirements to discern the specific activities to be performed, the dependencies among them, the timeframes required to complete each activity, and the availability of technical resources. Upon approval of a baseline WBS and POA&M, tasks and their rate of completion are tracked against the baseline. Project Managers review the progress weekly and makes adjustments to ensure tasks are being completed on time and project requirements are being met. The updated POA&M is then used for monthly status updates with the customer where issues are raised and addressed. To facilitate project coordination, the WBS and POA&M is typically stored on the any available customer internal project directories, and made accessible to all project members for review and/or comments. We also store a copy of the project work products and deliverables on our internal SharePoint environments, where permission is provided by our customer.